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flash problem

Title: flash problem

Hi everyone!

After i decided to put a new kernel on my Axis83DevBoard i got
an error that the flash is toot small. ( As for the standard installed kernel i have
encountered problems with usb )
I'll took the kernel 2.4.19 and patch from the axis site and
compiled it. In the makespec file is the standard one i have not
changed anything , why is the image too big?

What can i do?

On my Etrax Dev Board there is a 2.4.20 kernel installed by factory, where are the sources with
patches on the axis site ?
The filesystem Layout ( dirs and files) has changed and on the host system the target directory looks quite diffrent
to the directory layout on the devboard. For example the /etc/newtork dir is empty on the devboard by factory default and on the hostsystem in the /target/cris-axis-linux-gnu/etc/network there are 2 files mac.conf and network.conf.

I downloaded the last devboard_lx software from axis. Why is this not equivalent as on the devboard83?

MFG Thomas