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Etrax MCM Power, Power Management & Errata

A few questions regarding the MCM:

1. What is the maximun current required by the

2. What is the theta J of the MCM package?

3. Are the MCMs built using v3 of the Etrax 100LX
chip? The USB related errata affects my intended use.

4. Does the MCM incorporate the SDRAM and 20 MHz mux
to avoid the "SDRAM drives the data bus continuously
after manual reset" problem detailed in section 5.0 of
the known errata?

5. Appendix C mentions a "PLL Bypass" mode.  My
intended use is very power limited.  Is external clock
switching possible?  I would like to run the CPU from
a 1 MHz clock with the PLL bypassed then switch to a
20 MHz clock, when necessary.  Ethernet and USB do not
need to operate when running from a 1 MHz clock.  I am
aware of the PLL lock time, but I'm sure that SDRAM
timing will be affected when switching clocks.

Thanks for your help,

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