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RE: Problems booting kimage on new ETRAX100LX Dev Board

Well it looks like the cause of the problems I was having were due to
the 16 port
Hub that I was using. Changing the hub for a different and newer type
has fixed the problem. The question now is why ?


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> Subject: Problems booting kimage on new ETRAX100LX Dev Board
> I've just bought an ETRAX100LX eval board and I'm having 
> problems trying to download my first "kimage" file that I've 
> compiled. In other words, what's running on the board is what 
> was delivered from AXIS (2-4-19
> kernel) 
> I've looked thru the archives of the mailing list and found a 
> couple of entries that appear to be what I'm seeing, but 
> can't find any solutions. I'll quickly describe my setup and 
> the problem I'm seeing.
> The system I'm running under is a clean SuSE 8.2 Linux 
> install. This is in turn running under VMWare 4.X on a Win2K 
> SP3 box and works quite well. The tools I'm using are the 
> 2_0_5 release, which has the serial boot option. 
> The problem that I'm seeing after I put the ETRAX board in 
> "boot" mode, is that when I try to download a kernel image 
> into DRAM using 'ktest' the "orange" led comes on and I get 
> the following from the "ktest" script.
> Using internal boot loader: INTERNAL_NW - Network boot 
> (default). Starting boot...
> Device ID = 0xc0f90807
> This bootloader was built by linas on Sun Jun 8 01:38:18 EST 
> 2003. Checksum of bootloader is 0x00097e20 Waiting for load 
> info. Checksum of file is 0x00000e34 Got load info. 
> SET_REGISTER 0xb0000000 0x000095f8 SET_REGISTER 0xb0000004 
> 0x00000104 SET_REGISTER 0xb000000c 0x1a200040 SET_REGISTER 
> 0xb0000008 0x00005611 SET_REGISTER 0xb0000030 0x00001df0 
> SET_REGISTER 0xb0000038 0x00001ef3 PACKET_INFO 0xc0004000 0x001ee000
> and nothing else is printed on the console, until I ^C the 
> transfer. Interestingly if I look at the interface card stats 
> from Win2K I can actually see the # bytes transmitted 
> incrementing away in 2-3K chunks very nicely, yet nothing is 
> coming back from the ETRAX board, not even a extra byte.
> So that's the problem. What have I done to work out whats 
> going on. I've tried the following things.
> 1/ Can point my web broweser to the ETRAX100LX board and get 
> the index page from the board OK. 2/ Can FTP files to the 
> ETRAX board without any problems. 3/ Can Telnet login into 
> the board. 4/ Used "sermon" to look at the card while ktest 
> is running but nothing comes from the debug port. 5/ Went 
> into boot mode and ran the "memtest" and "memdump" options to 
> the bootloader to see if their was a network issue, but they 
> run without and problems. With the "memdump" command I tried 
> dumping 0xffff bytes to see if their was some corruption that 
> would show up but I could not see anything wrong. 6/ Tried 
> "serial" download and it seems to download OK and I get the 
> "Transmission done. Listening now..." message and nothing 
> else happens. 7/ Got a TCP/IP trace (using "ethereal") but I 
> can't work out what is good or bad, It's their if anyone is 
> interested.
> So that's about it. Anyone like to tell me what is going wrong ?????
> Linas (Very Confused) Petras
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