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RE: Flashing the board from Linux

On Sat, 2003-06-14 at 00:16, Pieter Grimmerink wrote:
> Next question, since kernel+cramfs are kept in a single flash image,
> is it possible to update just the kernel, and leave cramfs untouched?

No, not with the current scheme. You could of course change this if you
think it would be nice to just upgrade the kernel (that would among
other things involve changing arch/cris/kernel/head.S, since it expects
to find the cramfs directly after the kernel). I'm not convinced it
would be particluary useful though.

> Especially since we can never be too sure that a new page of cramfs
> is not needed during the update... 

This can be handled, even if it is a little bit tricky. And even if you
were able to upgrade just the kernel you would still have to handle the
case of upgrading the cramfs also.

> (or in fact even after the update,
> files could have gone somewhere else, or just disappeared).

I don't quite understand what you mean by this. Of course they can, but
why would that be a problem?

> What's the big difference between devboard_lx and devboard_82 by
> the way, there hasn't been a new _lx version for a long time.

The devboard_82 is based on newer stuff developed for our next product

> Can we merge (parts of) _82 into _lx?

You can certainly do that, but you would have to figure out what parts
and how yourself. I guess the most straightforward way would be to take
the devboard_82 distribution, adopt the kernelconfig and ptablespec for
the devboard_lx, and then probably strip away some stuff to make it fit
in flash.

> Or is a new _lx to be expected soon?

It can be expected, but I don't know how soon. Maybe someone else can
answer that one?