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Re: Problem with DGRAM multicasting

Hi -
Just an idea, it looks as though you left yourself in the multicast 
loop (which is enabled by default) to receive the packets you're 
Therefore, the problem may be that your receive buffer is full since 
all sent packets are copied to your receive buffer.
You may want to do the following to see if that helps:

to disable loopback:

u_char loop=0;
setsockopt(socket, IPPROTO_IP, IP_MULTICAST_LOOP, &loop, sizeof(loop));

You can find more infor at:


On Thursday, June 19, 2003, at 08:35 AM, Johan Neven wrote:

> Hello,
> During software development on a Axis 100LX I met some strange things
> with ethernet multicasting. When sending packets to a network through 
> MC
> it was only possible to do a very limited number (116) of sendto's
> before there was an WOULDBLOCK error from sendto. The situation becomes
> unblocked again when there is some other network transaction on the 
> Axis
> (telnet). I send here a file with the concentrated code giving 
> problems.
> I hope the problem is reproductible with this information.
> When sending normal UniCast packets, everything seems fine because 
> there
> is some kind of ack from the receiver and the situation is each time
> unblocked (I suppose).
> It would be nice to have a solution or work-around for this problem.
> Thanks
> -- 
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