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Another I2C issue

I've found another problem with the I2C routines.

Usually, an 'i2c_sendack()' (or nack) follows an 'i2c_inbyte()'.
Now i2c_inbyte() leaves the clock high, whereas i2c_sendack() assumes the 
clock to be low.

So I've added 


to the bottom of the i2c_inbyte()

And finally, my rtc (pcf8563 compatible) works!

Can't forsee what effect this modification to inbyte has on the eeprom driver 
though, because for some silly reason our eeprom (16kb) has the same address 
as the rtc, so we removed the eeprom for a while...

eeprom routines also use series of inbyte / sendack, so I don't see how that 
could have worked.

BTW, all these I2C issues are found in devboard_82, wich I think contains the 
latest released i2c driver code.

Best regards,