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Re: synchronous port : clock rate in slave mode

You're right but in the datasheet page 19-347 it is said : "if warp_mode is
enabled, the codec base clock is changed from 4.096MHz to 12MHz. This is only
used for testing purposes".

What does it means :
1) This is only a alternate clock and the maximum rate is still 4.096MHz
altough it is possible to go beyond with clock divisor < 3 ?
2) The hardware can handle frequency till 12,5 MHz but it is not guaranteed
beyond 4.096 MHz ?

Mikael Starvik wrote:

> Hi,
> If I remember correctly you should not use an external clock > 4.096 MHz so
> I don't think 12 MHz is usable.
> /Mikael
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> Subject: synchronous port : clock rate in slave mode
> Hi,
> I'm trying to use the synchronous serial port 0 in slave bidirectionnal
> mode. The external data clock rate is 12MHz. The external frame sync clock
> rate is 8KHz.
> When I send data from the devboard, the bit stream only syncs on the frame
> sync signal at 8KHz but not on the clock signal at 12MHz. The clock signal
> looks not very good, it's not a square signal but a sinus signal.
> Before designing a transceiver for the external data clock, I'd like to be
> sure that the etrax hardware can handle a clock at 12MHz.
> Thank you,
> Best Regards.