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Reading input data from par0

Mikael Starvik wrote:
>There is a bidirectional buffer between ETRAX and the parallel port.
>The direction of this buffer is set by changing the oe bit in
>R_PAR0_CTRL_DATA. Examples on how to do this can be found in
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>Subject: Reading data from par0
>I want to read data(d0-d7,input/output) from the parallel port
>par0.Normally,when I want to read data from an input/output port I need
>high impedance at the entrance. Is it enough If I read the register
>R_PAR0_STATUS_DATA(0-7) to get this high impedance and apply an
>input?When can I apply an input, and when can I read it, in what moment?
>Ion Cadierno Gomez
>Mondragon Unibertsitatea(Arrasate)
>Basque Country
I'm trying and this is what I do. What is wrong by reading data from par0?
When the driver starts and I read data I have 0x04
When I write in the par0 and after if I read I always read FF and I can't read any data like input
static ssize_t driver_read (struct file * filep, char * buff, size_t count,
loff_t * offp)
*buff = (unsigned char) *R_PAR0_STATUS_DATA;
return count;
static ssize_t driver_write (struct file * filep, const char * buff,
size_t count, loff_t * offp)
*R_PAR0_CTRL_DATA = PAR_OE | *buff;
return count;
static int __init etrax_CAN_sja1000_init(void)
if (register_chrdev(MAJOR_NUMBER, DEVICE_FILE, &driverCAN_fops))
printk("unable to get major %d for SJA1000 CAN controller\n", MAJOR_NUMBER);
*R_PAR0_CONFIG = 0x00000060; /*Manual-mode, enable port, inmediate mode change*/
return SUCCESS;