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Re: USB Keyboard-Wedge Barcode Reader

Dave Matlock wrote:
> I need to connect a USB barcode reader to the devboard82.  In turn, I need to get data from the barcode reader and process it in an application I am writing.  However, I believe I will have a problem because, even if I complile in full HID support and get the barcode reader acting as a keyboard, the data wont appear anywhere because I don't have a console running (I disable the COM1 console).  Is this true?
> If this is true, I need to somehow get the data from the reader and turn it into serial data so my application can access it.  Maybe my ignorance will show here, but it seems I will need to write a usb device driver that almost merges the HID keyboard driver with the USB-serial driver.  
> Does anyone have any advice? I'm running out of time quickly.

Your question is more of a general USB framework question, so you 
probably have a better chance getting a good answer from either the 
linux-usb-devel or the linux-usb-users list 
(http://www.linux-usb.org/mailing.html; you probably want to check the 
archives first though).

I ran into the same situation when I connected a USB keyboard to try out 
a low-speed device.  I hacked the ETRAX usb host driver to simply print 
out the key values that were read, though I understand that won't be 
enough for your purpose.

Orjan Friberg
Axis Communications