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General architecture questions

I just received my AXIS83 MCM development board and had some high-level questions that I was hoping someone with more experience with embedded Linux could answer:
1. Has anyone been successful in porting PERL, PHP, or a similar language appropriate for HTML scripting to the AXIS chips? (I read previous posts hinting that this was possible, but I was hoping for a more definite response).  Is there a tiny-web-scripting language with a database interface that I should be looking at?
2. What database systems do you use?  <I'm thinking SQLite would be a good choice in our case, with some minor modifications>
3. What programming IDE do you use?  All our developers are very comfortable with MS Visual Studio since we currently develop on Windows2000 for our product line.
4. Is there a secure combo for telnet and ftp (e.g. OpenSSH: ssh and sftp) that some of you are using?  How easy was it to port and how much more space does it take than the current telnet/ftp combo?
Right now, I'm looking for a scripting/database/webserver combo with a reasonable Flash/RAM footprint to simplify rapid development of Web-applications on this platform.
Senior Research Engineer,
Computrols, Inc.