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RE: uClibc and devboard82

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> From: Simon Posnjak [mailto:simon.posnjak@xxxxxxx.si] 
> Sent: 04 July 2003 15:12
> To: dev-etrax@xxxxxxx.com
> Subject: uClibc and devboard82
> Hi,
> I'm trying to build devboard82 with uclibc in place of glibc
> and I ran in some wired troubles(The includes are all screwup)
> Dose anybody have a working system (with uclibc as libc)? If
> you do, which version uClibc do you use (Probably not 0.9.20
> because I spent the whole morning fixing it to make it compile)

We have a version we use in other products. Unfortunately, all
the required changes to make it work for CRIS have not yet been
merged into the official uClibc version.

> What exactly dose -muclibc option do and why do I have to use
> it for uClibc?

It tells the gcc_cris wrapper script that uClibc is to be used,
and where to find the relevant files. The use of this wrapper
script is due to the fact that it was not possible to create a
complete suite of the build tools for earlier versions of uClibc.

> Should the latest devboard82 pack be able to create a system 
> with shared uClibc (I saw that you used to compile it static)?

I cannot answer this (I do not know the details of the dev-board
products enough).

> 	Regards simon