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RE: 2.4.20 & 2.4.21 kernel support for etrax/cris?

There are two kinds of patches:

 * Patches to CRIS specific files. I regulary send patches
   to Marcelo (the Linux 2.4 maintainer). I will send a
   patch for 2.4.22 during the next few days. Typically
   I send these patches once for each 2.4.x release.
 * Other patches to non-CRIS specific files. We have a
   few patches that we can't send to 2.4 because they 
   conflict with the mainline (e.g. the top-level Makefile).

The patches on developer.axis.com contains both in one file.
I could send you the latest patch of the first kind later 
this week but you would still need the second type.

I think that the 2.4.20 patch is in the devboard_82 .tgz
file but I can check that tomorrow.


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Subject: RE: 2.4.20 & 2.4.21 kernel support for etrax/cris?

Thanks for the quick reply Mikael.

I happen to have access to one of the 'Axis Developer Board LX'
development systems, and want to start working with as most recent a
kernel as I can get. Where can I get access to the 2.4.20 patch?

2.4.22 is already in release candidate 3 stage, I am really hoping that
Axis will consider porting their kernel to 2.4.22.



On Tue, 8 Jul 2003, Mikael Starvik wrote:

> Hi,
> If I remember correctly the devboard_82 release contains a 2.4.20
> There is no 2.4.21 patch yet and I have no idea if there will be one.
> /Mikael
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> Subject: 2.4.20 & 2.4.21 kernel support for etrax/cris?
> I am new to the extrax/cris architecture and would like to know if
there is support in 2.4.20 & 2.4.21 for etrax/cris. I have found patches
against 2.4.19 in the developer download site, yet nothing for later
kernels. I have also seen comments related to using 2.4.20 for the
extrax developer board, therefore is it safe to assume that a bare
2.4.20 kernel from kernel.org already contains support for etrax/cris,
if not where are the patches, and is there support for 2.4.21?
> Thanks in advance.
> Chris