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RE: devboard LX 8-bit interface


The SJA1000 is hard to connect due to the multiplexed address and data bus. There seams to be several different chips named 8255 on the market so I haven't been able to check that. The devboard_82 has all the pins you need on pin headers and it is therefore easier to connect devices to that board.


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Subject: devboard LX 8-bit interface

I would like to know what is the best way to interface an 8 bit device (e.g. 8255 or SJA1000) with 100LX dev board.

I try to find info on the axis web site but have not seen any manual for the board.  All I see is the schematic which require lot of reading before I can put togather a perf board.

A glance at the schematic shows that there are very few data/address bus signals available at the hearers.

thanks in advance.