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Re: axis 2490 flashing

		Hi, Mikael!

>>>>> "MS" == Mikael Starvik <mikael.starvik@xxxxxxx.com> writes:

 MS> The HWID is there to prevent you from downloading the wrong firmware.
 MS> It would be disastrous to download e.g. camera software in a 2490.
 MS> Have you made your own developer board software that you want to
 MS> download or are you trying to upgrade with a 2490 firmware?

 own image
 MS> If you are creating your own firmware you can change the HWID in your
 MS> fimage to 112 by editing the configure file (search for HWID)

 I found HWID only in Makefile and at tools/mkprod source "prodspec file
 format" description.
 MS> Note that if you have bought a 2490 and replaces the software with a
 MS> developer board software your warranty and support will be void.
 of course, we remember this :)
 MS> Normally you should buy a developer board if you want to create
 MS> your own software (but yes, it is the same hardware).

 ehhh...  Normally we always buy Devboard's, but one mistake when human
 fill order, and this question as result ;)
 Flashing "true devboard image" (with HWID=400) by shorting "buttons" works
 with no problems.  After reboot all software works properly. Also, after
 this we can restore flash with original 2490 firmware via ftp.
 I set HWID=112 inside Makefile, build image, upload new image via ftp to
 2490, but after reboot, we have no network conectivity.  No other places
 where setted HWID.  Maybe I miss something?