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Q: ethernet.c changes from 1.33 (e100lx_mcm) -> (devboard_82)

  I was looking at the change log in the header of ethernet.c that came with 
the devboard_82 release (kernel 2.4.20), ethernet.c rev, and I was 
curious about the following entry:

>  * Revision  2003/03/31 14:12:46  starvik
>  * Transmit interrupt always enabled. This has two side effects:
>  *   1. UDP (and possibly other protocols) works on quiet networks
>  *   2. Slightly lower transmit performance

I was most interested in item #1 -
  What's meant by a "quiet" network? (one with little or no traffic?)
and does this mean that UDP was not working under such a scenario in past 
drivers? (like rev 1.33 which came with e100lx_mcm, kernel 2.4.19)

Can anyone at Axis elaborate?