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Re: ethernet.c changes from 1.33 (e100lx_mcm) -> (devboard_82)

Mikael Starvik wrote:
> The problem was that UDP waited for the ethernet driver to report 
> a packet to be sent before trying to send the next. We had a 
> performance tweak that only checked for transmitted packets
> when a packet was received. So if no packet were received, no
> packets got sent...
> /Mikael

Thanks for the explanation!
(sidenote: kudos to you guys at axis for great support)

When you say UDP, do you mean user-level sendto() on a SOCK_DGRAM socket,
or can it affect raw ip datagrams as well?
  What I'm trying to get at is - does this affect DHCP using the older 
dhcpclient that came with the devboard_lx/e100lx_mcm packages?

Thanks again!