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RE: ethernet.c changes from 1.33 (e100lx_mcm) -> (devbo ard_82)

At least all packets over UDP were affected. Other protocols may also have been affected but this has not been investigated. In DHCP you typically get a reply from the server so I can't think of any situation were this bug would affect DHCP. But if the server doesn't reply to the first message it is possible that no more messages would be sent unless we get a packet.


-----Original Message-----
From: Dave Chevalier
To: Mikael Starvik
Cc: dev-etrax
Sent: 2003-07-09 18:12
Subject: Re: ethernet.c changes from  1.33 (e100lx_mcm) -> (devbo ard_82)

Mikael Starvik wrote:
> The problem was that UDP waited for the ethernet driver to report 
> a packet to be sent before trying to send the next. We had a 
> performance tweak that only checked for transmitted packets
> when a packet was received. So if no packet were received, no
> packets got sent...
> /Mikael

Thanks for the explanation!
(sidenote: kudos to you guys at axis for great support)

When you say UDP, do you mean user-level sendto() on a SOCK_DGRAM
or can it affect raw ip datagrams as well?
  What I'm trying to get at is - does this affect DHCP using the older 
dhcpclient that came with the devboard_lx/e100lx_mcm packages?

Thanks again!