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Re: Flash problems with MCM

Eric Lane wrote:
> prototype board has the same SDRAM configuration that the Devboard 82

> However, I am unable to flash with the e100LX_MCM_1_0
> software(unchanged) to either board.  I am not getting anything out of

> 0x80010000: Writing 0x001f0000 bytes...Verify error at 0x800fc004
> Timed out!

Sounds like a ram problem. Devboard 82 has a 32 bit sdram connection, but
MCM (chip&software) has only 16 bit. Check the sdram_config setting in
kernel configuration, bootloader extracts that from the image to
initialize the processor before uploading the data to be flashed.
It's a bit misleading that the displayed checksum is calculated on the
fly, so it doesn't reveal anything if the image gets corrupted in memory.

Best regards,