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Re: usb-host.c assert failed (Barcode Scanner Issue)

Dave Matlock wrote:
> I just upgraded to usb-host.c and I'm getting the same assert error only it's now at line 1670.  Any ideas?  This USB Barcode Scanner works great on Windows and on my RH9 machine, so I can't imagine it's the device.

Is the device working properly?  If so, I wouldn't be too worried.  The 
check is that the DMA descriptor whose sub list descriptors we are about 
to free isn't enabled.  That isn't a problem as long as the DMA isn't 
actually working on those particular descriptors (which it shouldn't be, 
because we are only allocating descriptors for one urb at a time; 
there's no queueing).

I have seen this error message occasionally before, but never as 
consistently as in your case, so there might be more to it than I see at 
this point.  Try define USB_DEBUG_CTRL and add the following line


at line 2057 (just after the dbg_ctrl("Adding ctrl urb...") line and 
send the output.

Orjan Friberg
Axis Communications