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RE: Flash problems with MCM

There is a pull-down resistor on BS0 and flash width is set to 2 bytes.  I
am doing some memory dumps on the two boards(one that is working and the one
that is not) to try to find the discrepancy to try to find out why it won't

Anyone have some suggestions on how to determine why a board won't boot
after a successful flash?  I am not getting anything out of the debug port


Eric Lane

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Eric Lane wrote:
> Found 1 x 16Mb BB at 0x80000000
> No single x16 at 0x84000000
> No interleaved x16 at 0x84000000

This is totally normal. It just says that the internal flash chip is
there, but the external one is missing.
Axis guys might have a more precise idea of the problem, but meanwhile it
might be worth checking the following:
-There's a pull-down resistor on BS0?
-Flash width set to 2 bytes in the kernel config?

Your R_BUS_CONFIG and R_WAITSTATES seem to be ok for me.