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ifconfig limitations on etrax100; how to determine current IP on Axis 2120 camserver?


On an etrax100, what is the best shell technique for determining current
IP address?

The usual "ifconfig" commands do not print current network status, and a
search of the archives seems to confirm this. /proc/net/* contains lots of
interesting network information, except for the current IP.

I have considered grepping the IP out of /etc/network/network.conf (or
even the  system logfile), however my concern is this indirect approach
might be less accurate (?). Is this concern legitimate? Can anyone suggest
a better approach?

Some context: I am developing a pure-shellscript application for the Axis
2120 camserver. The script is intended for "end users" will upload the
script, and configure launching from the camera's scheduler. I am not
allowed to modify any of their system files.

Thanks in advance,

Scott Prive