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Problems booting Devboard82

We have been able to successfully boot up the Devboard82 with the Devboard82
software as well as the E100LX_MCM software(with the SDRAM_CONFIG updated to
00e03636 and SDRAM_TIMING to 80008002).  We are now trying to download the
E100LX_MCM 1_0 software to the the Devboard82 using a 16 bit bus instead.
We have changed the jumpers on the board to the A position so it will
believe it is 16 bit.  I am downloading the code to the flash as it comes
from the Downloads section on the Axis web page.  It appears to have a
successful download, except for the fact the LED does not go off.  If I
press the reset button, the LED goes off while the button is down, but is
turned back on after release.  Nothing is coming out the debug port.  Is
there anything special I need to do to get this code to run with a 16 bit
bus?  What other information would be helpful to solve this problem?


Eric Lane