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32 Meg sdram

We are attempting to expand our ram memory from 16 Meg to 32 Meg. We are
doing this by replacing the 16 Meg ram chip on our board with a 32 Meg ram
chip. We have recompiled the kernel to accomodate the 32 Megs of ram. To do
this we changed the configuration parameter CONFIG_ETRAX_DRAM_SIZE from 16
to 32 and rebuilt the kernel, and image. We did not change the timing

When we flashed the new board, the image was apparently flashed to the
board. However, the board did not boot up, the message showed a jmp to
0x00000 and then some garbage on the screen. Does the boot_elinux script
have to be changed in some way to accomodate the larger sdram size?

Thanks in advance.

Mark Schapira