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Re: ifconfig limitations on etrax100; how to determine current IP on Axis 2120 camserver?

Orjan Friberg said:
> Scott Prive wrote:
>> I have considered grepping the IP out of /etc/network/network.conf (or
>> even the  system logfile), however my concern is this indirect
>> approach might be less accurate (?). Is this concern legitimate? Can
>> anyone suggest a better approach?
> I believe grepping network.conf should be safe (it should be updated
> when getting an address through DHCP, for example).

Excellent -- thank you for confirming this.

>> Some context: I am developing a pure-shellscript application for the
>> Axis 2120 camserver.

> Please note that dev-etrax may not be the best channel for camera
> development support (it's mainly concerned with the developer board and

I have just submitted additional questions there. Thanks.

If you could, please pass along a request to Axis management for a
"dev-axiscamera" list. An open forum has the added benefits of archive
searching, plus user-user sharing of ideas.

Just something to consider... I'm sure the Support form will work for me.

Scott Prive
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