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How does the ktest functions? Does it duplicate the entire filesystem
including the flash contents into ram and executes from there?

If the above is true, I am facing a problem. That is, I am able to download
the image through ktest. However the changes made through "make files" are
not reflected. Mainly to flash memory. For example, I added the a dir named
ppp in /etc/ (both in /files/etc/ and /target/cris.../etc) and executed
"make files" and "make images". I can see the files copied into appropriate
dir in /target/cris.../ directory of the host PC. However, these are not
reflected in the dev board after downloading through ktest. Also, I noticed
the file (or dir) modified time is different from my host system. The
difference is way off. Could someone explain this.

 In my application I need to hold some initialization data in a directory
and its subdirectories. Although can be done manually, I want to automate
the creation of directories and copying of files during the build phase. How
can I do this?