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Re: ktest

leopaul wrote:

> added the a dir named ppp in /etc/ (both in /files/etc/ and
> /target/cris.../etc) and executed "make files" and "make images". I can
> see the files copied into appropriate dir in /target/cris.../ directory
> of the host PC. However, these are not reflected in the dev board after
> downloading through ktest. Also, I noticed the file (or dir) modified

As the name implies, ktest deals with kimage, which only contains the
kernel and cramfs images.
/etc resides on jffs, which is only affected by flashit and flashitall
scripts. And it can also be directly written to, of course.
> and its subdirectories. Although can be done manually, I want to
> automate the creation of directories and copying of files during the
> build phase. How can I do this?

Take a look at packages directory, and makespec. I assume you are using

Best regards,