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Re: ktest


Thanks for the help. I have mistaken the text 

"When ktest is executed the image file ~/axis/devboard*/kimage containing
the kernel and the ROM file system (created by the toplevle-Makefile) will
be sent to RAM on the developer board by the ETRAX 100 bootloader
(etrax100boot) and the board will execute it. Everything sent to the
developer board using ktest is stored in RAM on the board and therefore
lost upon reboot. "

given in the document
http://developer.axis.com/doc/software/apps/apps-howto.html and I have also
left out the jffs part.


Jarkko Tuomi writes:

> leopaul wrote:
> > added the a dir named ppp in /etc/ (both in /files/etc/ and
> > /target/cris.../etc) and executed "make files" and "make images". I can
> > see the files copied into appropriate dir in /target/cris.../ directory
> > of the host PC. However, these are not reflected in the dev board after
> > downloading through ktest. Also, I noticed the file (or dir) modified
> As the name implies, ktest deals with kimage, which only contains the
> kernel and cramfs images.
> /etc resides on jffs, which is only affected by flashit and flashitall
> scripts. And it can also be directly written to, of course.
> > and its subdirectories. Although can be done manually, I want to
> > automate the creation of directories and copying of files during the
> > build phase. How can I do this?
> Take a look at packages directory, and makespec. I assume you are using
> devboard_lx.
> Best regards,
> Jarkko