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Programming driver for etrax100lx

I'm trying to program a propietary communications driver using par0, on
an etrax100lx. I'm using as a basis the LCD driver from "How to write
device drivers for Linux" by Axis. The driver compiles Ok, but when I
use ktest to transfer the code using ktest, the board doesn't respond
anymore. I can't connect using telnet, ping or ftp. Seems that the board
hangs for some reason. I think that it isn't a software problem. I think
I'm missing some step, so could somebody explain me the necesary steps
to run this driver in the board? It is necesary make kernel everytime
the driver source is modified?

Best regards 
Daniel Fraile Vergel
W-Onesys S.L.
Tel. 93 590 11 49 Fax. 93 590 11 57