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devboard_82 problems with etrax100LX

Hi all,

We're trying to run the devboard_82 environment on our custom board,
based on the ETRAX100LX.

Our board has:

4MB flash

With the devboard_lx distribution, and kernel 2.4.14 as well as 2.4.19
it runs fine.
I also patched the tools / scripts to use jffs2, still no problem.

But now I decided that devboard_82 was probably the way to go,
much less modifications than with the old devboard_lx distro.

I'm using the same kernelconfig as with 2.4.19 for devboard_lx,
the board flashes and boots fine, also keeps running when left alone.

Problems occur though, when

-I do a lot of 'ls -la' commands in large directories, from a telnet shell
(ls -la from the serial console does not work at all)
-I try to copy a large file to tmpfs (cp /bin/busybox /var) Plenty of free
RAM though

In both situations, the etrax hangs completely.
Tried to disable/enable the watchdog, no difference.

What could be wrong?

Some other strange thing:
-when I do a lot of http requests (browse through filesystem, open a few
eventually the etrax crashes.

I've seen two different kinds of crashes resulting from this so far:

1. about 20 of the following error messages:
'bad pgdir entry 0x2 at 0x60e66000'

The etrax hangs after this. (no response on ethernet / serial console)

2. an oops occurs, I've attached the info.
I'm not sure what I can do to trace it, tried to use ksymoops with the
etrax's System.map,
got lots of errors, and eventually a traceback of 'timer_interrupt', but I
don't know
whether to trust this.

At first I thought this could be hardware related, but all these errors
don't occur
with devboard_lx and kernel 2.4.14 or 2.4.19, only with devboard_82 and
kernel 2.4.20

Has anyone experienced the same kind of behaviour?
Could there be something wrong with my kernelconfig?

Best regards,

Pieter Grimmerink

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