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problems with synchronous serial DMA

Hi, I'm trying to get the synchronous serial port to work on ser1 with DMA 
using the supplied driver in sync_ser.c.  The application is to send PCM audio 
data in Slave_Output mode to an external DAC/amp.

However, examining /proc/dma I see that DMA 8 and 9 are absent.  This 
contradicts the initialization code found in kernel/head.S.  The entries 
for /proc/devices and /proc/interupts are present.  I can do ioctl() on the the 
device (/dev/syncser0) but write() produces not data (I assume because of the 
DMA problem).

Also, when I build the kernel without DMA support for ser1, I get a kernel 
panic because it can't allocate the interupts.

Could someone please provide me with some direction.
Thank you,

David Shenton

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