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RE: Kaffe on Devboard 82?

I've had Kaffe on a 4MB flash devboard but I had to trim it somewhat to make it fit. I used glibc and Kaffe pulls in the math library (libm.so) which is big. I removed some java.awt and some other classes. Maybe it can be built using uClibc and its math library which is much smaller but I haven't tried that.

That version of Kaffe with CRIS support is available at http://developer.axis.com/download/apps/apps-kaffe-R1_0_0.tgz and there is a README.axis within it which explains its limitations and how to build it. NOTE however that it based on a snapshot from Kaffe's CVS late 2001.


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> From: Andrew Radford [mailto:andrew@xxxxxxx.nz] 
> Sent: den 31 juli 2003 05:58
> To: dev-etrax
> Subject: Kaffe on Devboard 82?
> Well I am on the way to getting Kaffe working on my 
> ETRAX100LX devboard (after fixing the configure script so 
> that gcc 3.1 would actually compile it...) but of coarse this 
> platform only has 4Mb flash so I can only try it in RAM using 
> ktest. Has anyone used Kaffe in the new 83 Device server? Is 
> there reasonable amount of flash left?
> Regards,
> Andrew Radford