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RE: Devboard LX and RTC


The dS1302 needs to be started before it runs. In more recents version of the
ds1302 driver we do this automatically. I'm not sure that this change has made 
it into the external releases.

Two ways to start the clock:

1. Add ds1302_writereg(RTC_SECONDS, ds1302_readreg(RTC_SECONDS)&0x7f); at the
end of ds1302_init in os/linux/arch/cris/drivers/ds1302.c. Remake the kernel
(make kernel) and the images.
2. Call /bin/hwtestrtc -t

Also note that the capacitor on the devboard LX can not hold the time for very
long (I don't remember the exact times but it is not in the range of weeks).


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is there a RTC-chip on the Devboard LX? I've compiled support for ds1302 into the kernel and the kernel seems to detect a RTC. However, the time's always the same.

Here's the corresponding part of kernel output:

ds1302: RTC found.
ds1302: SDA, SCL, RST on PB0, PB1, PB2
rtc_time        : 00:00:80
rtc_date        : 2000-01-01
rtc: sec 0x80 min 0x0 hour 0x0 day 0x1 mon 0x1 year 0x0

However, I don't get /proc/rtc.

Thanks in advance, Uwe