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You are correct that there is a driver which delivers images from the ARTPEC chip to userspace. Since the ARTPEC chip is not available to third party developers we have decided that the source code for this driver is probably not interesting for anyone outside Axis. If you still want the source code I will send it to you separately. To be able to send the correct code to you we need to know which camera models and software versions you are using. Note that we can not provide any support for the code or any documentation for the ARTPEC chip.

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Mikael Starvik

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hello i have 2 axis cameras and i am curious about  the way that the ARTPEC chip is used in linux, by my observation there is some kind of interface, maybe a driver that presents the images to the user programs, by my intrepretation of  GPL doenst that interface "driver", must be open source, as it appears that is compiled static in the kernel ?

PS: sorry my bad english ;)