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Ok, I'll send the code. It's large and boring so if have problems to fall
asleep you now have the perfect literature :-)


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Sent: Friday, August 15, 2003 4:03 AM
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Subject: Re: ARTPEC and GPL

Hello my camera model is Axis-2120 and the software version is 2.31, please send me the code, thanks in advance

nuno felicio

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Subject: ARTPEC and GPL

> hello i have 2 axis cameras and i am curious about  the way that the
> chip is used in linux, by my observation there is some kind of 
> interface, maybe a driver that presents the images to the user 
> programs, by my intrepretation of  GPL doenst that interface "driver", 
> must be open
> as it appears that is compiled static in the kernel ?
> PS: sorry my bad english ;)