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Ethernet stopped working

Hi people

We've been developing an Etrax100LX based system prototype and it's been
running fine for some months now. One morning though, one of the devices
stopped responding on ethernet traffic; neither ping nor telnet nor http was
working ever since. As I can see from the serial port output, the Etrax is
booting as before (same output as a still running device), so I'd think it
has something to do with the Ethernet parts on the board. It adds to that
assumption that we can't even get the ktest program to talk to that device.

My questions are the following:

1) What can possibly be wrong with the device?
2) Is there a way of connecting to the Etrax using a serial cable? And:
there is a way of booting the device of the serial port; how does that work?
3) Is there a way of telling whether the Etrax is running ok (by probing
some pins for example), so that we can exclude it from our search?
4) How can I check whether the eth phys layer is functioning properly?

Thanks a lot!


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