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Re: Ethernet stopped working

> Bernhard Mäder wrote:
> > search? 4) How can I check whether the eth phys layer is functioning
> > properly?
> You could check the following:
> -Link leds at both ends? (assuming it's connected to the PHY on your HW)

Yep, checked that.

> -25 MHz clock from Etrax to PHY? Should appear right after the board wakes
> up from reset.

The clock is fine.

> -PHY tx and rx clock outputs? Should be 1/4 of the bitrate, output by the
> PHY.

Those clocks are also showing up @xxxxxxx.

> -Other MII signals.

I've checked some data signals (RXDATA, RXEN...) and there isn't a
difference to the running boards.

> You can connect to the board through the serial port provided that you are
> running agetty. Unfortunately I can't say anything about booting that way.
> Best regards,
> Jarkko

So, today I switched the ethernet connection to 10Mbps (dunno why I didn't
do that earlier) and the connection became working again! This is a bit
strange as I am sure that the board was running on 100Mbps before, as are all other
boards. I come to think that the fault could be a minor defect in either one
of the involved ICs or the PCB itself, that may show up from time to time.
Anyhow, I guess that the layout is ok since all other boards don't show that

Thanks for your help

best regards,

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