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Hello, I wonder if a reader on this mailing list can help me ?

I'm looking for a security and door-entry solution, for internal use in our
company.I have a query which will help make my decision as to whether to go
for an Axis Developer Board 83 or for another vendor's otherwise-inferior
68000 microcontroller variant.

The question is, how might I attach a relay onto a 82/83 development board,
connected to the digital i/o port such that it could switch a magnetic door
lock on/off, which requires 12V, 250mA ? I presume the GPIO port is 5V TTL,
but how much current can it source/sink ?

I'm assuming this has been done by others over the years, and if anyone
could point me in the direction of a schematic diagram that would be great.

Kind Regards,

Dr Iain McKay.

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