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RE: I2C EEPROM handling 2.4.19 vs 2.4.20


It seams very strange that eeprom.c from 2.4.19 works while eeprom.c from 2.4.20 doesn't work. The only difference is that

if (i2c_getack());

has been changed to 

if (i2c_getack())

(which is obviously correct).

This should make read retries work. The only reason for the later to fail would be if the eeprom never response with an ACK. Do you get the debug printout "failed to read from eeprom?"


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We own some devboard_lx. First I used linux-2.4.19 and the I2C eeprom (built onto board) was working correctly. Than I started to use linux-2.4.20 and the eeprom accessing (through /dev/eeprom) seemed to unusable. After a perfunctory lookup into kernel source I replaced 2.4.20 i2c.c with 2.4.19 version of i2c.c. Due to the change the eeprom access is usable and seems to be correct.

Although I now that 2.4.20 shipped with axis82, is the I2C driver works correctly with the new board?



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