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Ktest Problem


I want to build the latest kernel and flash it on to Axis-83 board.

I have downloaded the latest kernel (2.4.22) and build it. Followed
following steps.

1. . ./init_env
2. make tools
3. make kernel
4. make cris-axis-linux-gnu
5. make install
6. make images

Everything works fine till this point. The output is flash1.img,
flash2.img and kimage.

When I did ./ktest it does not work giving following error

"Using internal boot loader: INTERNAL_NW - Network boot (default).
Bootloader corrupt. Should contain ret/nop (0x12345678) at 0xc, but
contains 43211234"

I am very new to this environment and hence don't know much about what
to be done to resolve this problem.

Please let me know if I have missed any step and done it incorrectly.

Thanks & Regards,