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RE: Problem: Flash doesn't get mounted while booting

> I have build the kernel and now trying to flash it onto the dev board 
> Axis-83.
> I am using ./flashitall. The kernel boots up after flashing, 
> but stops at 
> the following error.
> "init: starting up.
> open: No such device
> /sbin/rc.init: Mounting /mnt/flash... mount: Mounting /dev/flash2 on 
> /mnt/flash failed: No such device
> failed!
> init: open /etc/inittab: No such file or directoryKernel 
> panic: Attempted 
> to kill init!
> "
> I have attached the bootup dump and the kernelconfig file 
> which I am using.

The devboard_82/83 software uses jffs2 IIRC. You need to enable
CONFIG_JFFS2_FS in your kernelconfig (and you can disable