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RE: printk()


The problem is caused by interference between the printk driver and the 
normal serial port driver. We have a patch for this that I will send to

Best Regards

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Subject: printk()

Instead of being a friendly usefull function for debugging it have
lots of waste time do to often it has been the printk() itself which has
the reason that the Etrax just freezes, often in the middle of writing.

Maybe its a hardware conflict on our custom made MCM board, do to that
printk() also "prints" on the serial port.

Anyone know why it can cause hanging the system?

Sometimes I'm located a long distance away from the card which is
mounted in a
special computer which I can't take with me. Is it possible somehow to
something so that I can gain control again if the driver causing
I have thought of a network controlled power switch and using the other
Etrax (The card has two MCM's) to restart the freezen one.

Suggestions apriciated

Terje Pedersen
Jakob Hatteland Computer