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RE: Sync serial interface as SPI

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Hello !:
I enabled the synchronous serial port in the kernel configuration like Mikael Starvik said and now I can use the syncser0 device (thank you very much, Mikael).
Now I see a behaviour like Ken Parker sees:
- I am trying to use syncser0 in master bidirectional mode and I get clocks on the ss1clk pin but no data on the ss1idata.
- I get these clocks even without my program running (i.e. without a call to open device syncser0).
- Data pin is always held high even when I call to 'write' on syncser0 in order to transmit a byte.
I am using devboard_82 with kernel 2.4.20. When set kernel config I am choosing sync serial 0 with no dma and I have serial port 1 disabled.
Any thougths?