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Re[2]: Par port DMA

Hello Per, thank you for a quick response.

I connected STROBE to BUSY and it started to work. It seems
that DMA h/w module is quite smart and checks for a BUSY signal, isn't

PZ> No, you need to set some inputs to correct values to make it work.
PZ> In DMA mode there is no "manual mode". The parallel port will try 
PZ> to obey the configured protocol.
PZ> In Centronics protocol mode I think you need to set busy and  
PZ> select to the correct states to make it work. If you set them 
PZ> to the wrong values the port will just wait. The printer ack 
PZ> signal can be configured to be ignored.

PZ> In the other modes you will need some handshaking on the port,
PZ> so I think you should set the port to the Centronics mode.

Yuriy Prokazov