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RE: Re[2]: Par port DMA


In ECP mode the Busy signal is used as an ACK from the device. Lots of
info and diagrams can be found in:

Also note that you'll need external inverters and probably a buffer as
Per mentioned. Refer to the schematics for the developer board.


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From: Yuriy Prokazov
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Subject: Re[2]: Par port DMA

Hello Mikael, thank you.

It seems that cod is OK. I wonder how it works inside. Does DMA
controller check the busy line?

MS> I haven't studied the code in detail but here are some pointers:
MS> For the parallel port to work you have to enable it and connect the
MS> to it in R_GEN_CONFIG. You also have to make sure that other
MS> that uses the same pins and/or DMA channels (e.g. IDE) are disabled.