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RE: Problem: Configuring RTC

Devboard 82 uses ds1302 as RTC. Support for ds1302 should be enabled as default in the kernelconfig file.


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From: Vasant Shembekar [mailto:vasant@xxxxxxx.com]
Sent: den 25 september 2003 14:06
To: dev-etrax
Cc: Alok Damle
Subject: Problem: Configuring RTC


We are trying to set the date on the Etrax devboard-82.

For that, we have tried enabling rtc support in kernel, but it does not 
get initialised at boot up.
We have selected PCF8563 as the rtc.

I have attched the kernelconfig (kernel configuration) and the log.

Please let me know whether we have missed any option.

Also, if you could suggest any simpler way of setting date & time on 
devboard, will be of great help.

Thanks & Regards,