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RE: stopping the kernel from hogging /dev/ttyS0?

O> A quick question. Since RS232 ports are at a premium, how do 
O> I stop the kernel hogging the /dev/ttyS0 port as the default 
O> console as it boots ?
O> i.e. without recompiling the kernel, is there a 
O> 'bootparam'-like setting in a /etc/init.d file or similar 
O> which I can then reroute the console to some other port or 
O> /dev/null ?

Hello !:

Yes, that file is '/etc/inittab'. 
In that file you would find these lines:

# Uncomment the following line to get a console shell

Just comment last line with a starting '#':
# sh:3:respawn:/bin/sh

Carlos Ojea