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Re: usb-host.c 1.13 vs 1.19

Saet IS wrote:
> I'm trying to connect a Philips PCVC750K USB webcam to an EtraxLX
> system.
> Using kernel 2.4.19 with usb-host.c v1.13, I'm able to open the device,
> do ioctl() and close, but grabbing images isn't possible due to lack of
> ISOC support.
> Upgrading usb-host.c with version 1.19 for ISOC support, the open() of
> the device hangs the system!
> By debugging the kernel I noted that the hang result when the driver try
> to set a default video mode changing the alternate mode of the USB
> interface, switching from 0 to something else.

I just tried a PCVC740K with the 1.19 driver, on a 2.4.19 kernel, with 
the test program from the Video4Linux documentation.  Neither the 
connect, nor the open produces any error messages.  (I wasn't able to 
grab any image though; the application says "Unable to find a supported 
capture format".)  Could you send me your application (with build 
instructions, if necessary) and the pwc driver you're using?  (Send it 
privately, the dev-etrax list doesn't allow any significant attachements.)

As for getting the ISOC support from 1.19 with the CTRL support from 
1.13, it's probably doable, but I'd rather find out what's wrong with 
the 1.19 version.  There aren't any changes that I know of that would 
explain the altered behaviour for CTRL traffic.

Orjan Friberg
Axis Communications