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RE: Flash boot problem

> When I do 'flashitall', the flash is written and verified. 
> But the after the
> JUMP, the Etrax does not boot. When I switch to normal 
> bootmode, nothing happens
> and there is no output on the debug port.
> If I switch back to Ethernet bootmode and boot with 'ktest', 
> everything is ok.
> The Etrax boots and I am able to execute applications and I 
> can write and read
> to the flash as well.
> I'm using an Etrax 100LX with linux kernel 2.4.14 and one AMD 
> AM29LV641DL-90REI
> flash (connected to -CSE0, WP_N Pin high).
> I have attached the 'flashitall' output on the debug port.

We're having some problems with e100boot and other 64Mbit AMD chips
right now. I'm working on a new version of e100boot that will handle
them. Maybe it will solve your problem too. I'll send you a patch in
a separate email in a minute.

If the patch doesn't work you might be able to boot with ktest and
then flash via ftp (ftp> put fimage flash_all), since the linux driver
probably works for most chips.