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prototype not working


I powered up my first 100LX based board, and unfortunately it did not
work....  :(

I have these major parts on the board:


I am trying to download the image using flashitall, but the program just
hangs up after putting the startup message "we are doing a flash write
sometimes I can see the ethernet activity light flicker very fast, both on
the computer and the board.  but it goes on flickering forever and never
stops and the computer sometimes hangs up.

I used the same computer on the 100LX devboard I bought from axis.

seems like the ethernet link on the board is not very stable or something
wrong in the circuit.  I have used the LED outputs of the BCM5221.  the link
and 100M light turns on after I put the 100LX in download mode.  but after
few minutes, link may get dropped and I had to reset the board to bring it

I have printed the schematic in pdf format and uploaded it to our website.
it is available at www.vitalsystem.com/Network.pdf

I hope somebody can figure out what's wrong with this design. I will be very
grateful.  I am already running late on the delivery schedule and hope I can
complete this project in due time.