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RE: prototype not working

Is the reset signal to the Ethernet PHY delayed compared to the system-reset, I couldn't see
that in the schematics. Do you get a 25 MHz clock output from ETRAX (txer) when you enter network boot mode?
I assume you run 100Mbit, have you tried 10 Mbit? If network boot fails it is often a good idea to
see if you can serial boot the board, this way you can check that the rest of the system works. Simply
add "--serial --device /dev/ttySX --baudrate 9600" to the etrax100boot commands. Make sure that the host
serial port (/dev/ttySX) is not used by any other application.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Abdul R Rafiq [mailto:arafiq@xxxxxxx.com]
> Sent: den 29 september 2003 03:44
> To: dev-etrax
> Subject: prototype not working
> Hello,
> I powered up my first 100LX based board, and unfortunately it did not
> work....  :(
> I have these major parts on the board:
> I am trying to download the image using flashitall, but the 
> program just
> hangs up after putting the startup message "we are doing a flash write
> ....."
> sometimes I can see the ethernet activity light flicker very 
> fast, both on
> the computer and the board.  but it goes on flickering 
> forever and never
> stops and the computer sometimes hangs up.
> I used the same computer on the 100LX devboard I bought from axis.
> seems like the ethernet link on the board is not very stable 
> or something
> wrong in the circuit.  I have used the LED outputs of the 
> BCM5221.  the link
> and 100M light turns on after I put the 100LX in download 
> mode.  but after
> few minutes, link may get dropped and I had to reset the 
> board to bring it
> back.
> I have printed the schematic in pdf format and uploaded it to 
> our website.
> it is available at www.vitalsystem.com/Network.pdf
> I hope somebody can figure out what's wrong with this design. 
> I will be very
> grateful.  I am already running late on the delivery schedule 
> and hope I can
> complete this project in due time.
> Abdul